A starter in guilt….

Guilt is an interesting topic.
It is felt by everyone at some time, and yet no one really talks about their guilt. We are guilty of our guilt. I think guilt is like an onion, it has many layers and can make you cry. Feeling guilty can make you feel guilty, just as feeling no guilt could make you feel guilty.
I am a woman, so I do not know the relationship between men and guilt as well as the one that women and guilt share. A woman can feel guilt on so many levels and for so many things that it warrants a whole blog dedicated to the topic (this blog!). Women can feel guilty about the clothes they wear, the money they spend or do not spend, the look they may have given to someone and what it could possibly mean, and how they spend their time. This is only a small number of the guilts that a woman could be carrying at any given time.



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