Welcome, 2016…

I accept the challenge.
Last year was a challenge. University has been tough, especially since I now have goals that require good grades to reach. It was hard to juggle both school, being a wife, and taking care of the house. I felt like I was not getting enough done in a day. This year I want to feel more accomplished at the end of each day. A saying I saw on social media last year, that may sound cliche, really fits with how I am feeling at the beginning of this new year. “2015 was practice, 2016 is game.” This got me thinking last year, but it definitely applies to this year.
To get more done:

1. I will do things when I think of them instead of procrastinating.

2. I am going to break tasks into smaller tasks.

3. I will make do-able to-do lists.
Hopefully, all of this will help me to feel more accomplished, as well as help me to actually accomplish more!
Cheers to 2016!



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