My choice, unaffected by others.

 I have made a deal with myself this year: I will do what I want and will not care what others think. I have always been fine with dressing differently and doing things differently, i.e. Dyeing my hair purple and not having a big wedding; but, I have always had a problem with how others think of me. Maybe this does not make sense, as I am typing it I find myself confused. Here is what I am thinking for 2016: I want to stop eating meat. In a perfect world I would be vegan and loving it. I will have problems with milk chocolate, but I am lactose-intolerant, therefore I should not be eating it anyways. I do not like eating meat, and always feel gross about it. I have gained weight, which I think is due to aging and eating the most meat I have ever ate in my life in the last three years! The problem with going vegan is that certain people in my life will have a problem with it. Primarily, friends of my husband and his family. Ironically, my husband does not care if I eat meat or not. Meals will not drastically change for him. I will still cook meat for him and he is always fine with adding meat to a meal that I cook. If anything, he will be eating healthier and probably less meat, which is something that he understands is healthy.  

 I need to be honest with myself and how I want to live my life, and forget about those unhappy people who do not like it when others change, or make changes. Change is good. I have always liked it and want to make changes that affect me in a good way. The people who will have problems already do not do anything to help with my lactose intolerance when I am eating at their house. Why should they care if I am eating meat?  



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