Welcome, you can store your baggage here.

Dear Internet,

This is the place where I am going to complain.  Hopefully it will be insightful and inspiring, or at least entertaining.  I want to be able to put thoughts somewhere.  Thoughts that I do not have room for in my daily life.  My complaints will probably be gendered, they will tell the story of a woman and her struggle with guilt.  Women have inordinate amounts of guilt.  It is dripping off their tongues, hanging in their closets, and tumbling around at the bottom of their purses.  It is everywhere.  Sometimes it is hereditary or learned after many long hard years.  Whatever the circumstances, it is there.

Hopefully this place will be inhabited by more than just me.  But if it is not, well then I refuse to feel guilty about it.

To each their own.


guilt ridden